Monday, March 5, 2012

Job Opening: Producer

I get that it's been almost a whole month since I've last updated you all on the latest in my TV journey: 

I recently received an email from a ND in Eugene about a possible opening as a TV news producer. Exciting! 

The position isn't for something on-air, but it could potentially lead me into that direction. 

This week: I am working on a new reel to showcase my producing experience and sprucing up my resume. It will differ from my first on-air reel. 

Luckily, I won a contest a few days ago from my friends at Grey Stripes Creative for 500 free custom business cards - so that will help greatly with my presentation! 

I'll keep you all updated on what happens. Cross your fingers for me! 

Talk soon, 

Monday, February 6, 2012

"You startin' to look like occupy"

The title says it all. Since I became the executive producer and general manager of my schools non-profit news organization, I've had to become more selfless than selfish. 

When I first started, I had the perfect vision of how I wanted every story to be: Me sitting down with someone for a heartwarming interview while I was wearing jeans, a collared shirt, and a jewel tone sweater, drinking from a mug that donned my name. Oh, Lord I tried to be in every shot. It wasn't until one of my peers said to me 

"Anthony, it's not all about you." 

What the ----, I thought. I wanted to have my own show. What do you mean it's not all about me? Well, I listened anyway even though me and my ego disagreed at the time. 

After I stepped back for the next few stories, omitting my face  in it's entirety - I realized it really isn't about me. People have far more in common than we realize - and why take a lesson that we can learn, and pollute it with my shiny face and bright sweater. No. 

I still love being on camera - and like to think that I am the definition of a TV 'personality' but for the last few months I have been producing almost all the shows for our organization so that way other members of my team can get some on camera experience. 

Well if you read my last post (which is a must) you'd know already that I am set to move in four months... and I do not want a producing job. I've always been told to go after what you want - and if you want to be on camera, then you better go for the gold first. 

My mentor told me I needed to 'dress up' a little bit more for my demo reel because I was 'startin' to look like occupy' - as in the Occupy Wall Street/Denver/Portland and every other U.S. city protestors. No thank you. 


Over the Holidays I was supposed to meet with 3 News Directors from Market 122. The strategy was to showcase my not-so-great stories, so that way when we met again later in the spring (which is fast approaching) I would have improved by leaps and bounds! 

So here, I am lookin' a lil' occupy. Don't judge me. Every Oregonian news reporter wears flannel during stand's fine. 

 -> Here's a link to my demo tape


Dear Blogosphere, I suck.

I have been receiving emails that look a bit like this: "Dear Anthony: I miss you. It's been 9 long months since you have visited me, and I really need to feel your touch. Please update me soon. Love, Your Blog." 

Annoying, I know. I feel like the relationship with my blog is all one sided. Why do I have to do all the work? Anyway - long story short: I apologized and me and my blog made up. And voila! Here I am writing again. 
So much to catch you up on since we last spoke 9 months ago. When my fiancee, Kaylin, decided to take a year off from the University of Oregon to move out to the Mile High City, we had to make a deal. She wasn't just going to move out not understanding what our future looked like (but really, does anybody know what their future looks like when they work in the business of TV or is marrying someone who is??) so I tried to meet her halfway. We had been long distance for 3/5th s of our relationship and I felt like she deserved to know where this was going.

Boom. We shook hands - and the deal was made. After her year out in CO was up, we would be packing our bags and moving back to Oregon. Now when someone like me is looking for a job - we'll take any TV job. Any time, anywhere. Understanding the need for Kaylin to finish school (and for us to not be apart) I don't get to just follow the opportunities - I have to make my opportunities. My lucky destination is Eugene, Oregon. Market size 122 and approximately 4 months to land a job from 1200 miles away. I don't speak a second language, but if I did... I'd want to learn all the swear words. 

These past few months have been dedicated to dressing sharp, speaking smart, and networking to no end. I'll leave off there and when we pick up next: I'll give you the rest of the details on my journey. Buckle. Up. 

This is an image of the drive we'll be making in approximately four months. Cross your fingers something works out!


Friday, May 27, 2011

dare to dream...

a good way to end the week i say. thanks for stopping by, and checking out the new blog. i appreciate the constant encouragement for allowing me to dream beyond infinity. enjoy your weekend. take some time for yourself, and dream...
take care and talk soon,

Thursday, May 26, 2011

dirty little secret...

"the people who are most affected by the world, are the ones most likely to change it." - frank warren, founder, post secret.
he was one of my best interviews. frank warren really understands the commonality of the human experience, and what the consequences are if you are not honest with yourself. featured in the 'dirty little secrets' video way back in 2006 really gave postsecret the notoriety it needed to make a difference. watch as frank warrren gives us the secret to living a life with a more open mind. Watch:

one of my favorite postsecrets - especially when i worked for a large coffee giant.
check out more of postsecret here

i love a good book.

talking about things that people haven't really thought about is one of my all time favorites. i sat down with award winning author, sapphire. the movie 'precious' (nominated for an academy award) was based on the author's book, 'push' which got people talking about taboo topics never discussed before. watch as i chat with sapphire about the importance of her book, and what the movie means to so many.


what would you do for your family?

most of us would fight, sacrifice, and essentially give anything for our family. betty anne waters did just that. she spent years upon years in school to prove the innocence of her wrongfully convicted brother. it is achievable -watch as betty anne tells of her fears and triumphs of this most difficult time.

here, betty anne sits in at a press conference with her brother, kenny after his release from prison in 2001.
"kenny had a terrible fall soon after his release and passed away, but for the few months he was out he was so terribly happy," waters explained, "that parts not in the movie."

hilary swank starred in the film based on the lawyers story... a must-see if you have not watched it!